i just burned 1200 calories (i forgot the pizza in the oven)

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all kinds of sharingan

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"We lived in different cities when we first met, and once a month he’d come to visit me. The first time he made the trip, I woke up at 2 AM, and he was singing outside my window with three guitar players. There was a popular song back then called ‘Gema,’ and he changed it to my name, ‘Gena.’"
"Can you remember the words?"
"Eres la gema que Dios convirtiera en mujer para bien de mi vida. 
Por eso quise cantar y gritar que te quiero mujer consentida.”
[You are the gem that God turned into woman to make my life better.
Thats why I want to sing and shout that I love you, beautiful woman.]”

(Mexico City, Mexico)

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today this white girl asked me why my hair is so curly and i said im black and she told me to say african american

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*gets a 200 note post* *looks in mirror* fame changed you

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